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Photography and Erotica
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Welcome to Trashy Insomnia

Happy Posting!
Make sure to make all posts with adult content friends only and all x-rated pictures behind a cut tag.
Post at least one of your pictures before the cut tag as a sample and then the ones with nudity put them behind the cut tag.

Don't post pictures of other LJ members with out their permission

This is a community to celebrate the human body.
Nudity as art. Eroticia.

If you can't find beauty in the picture then maybe it's not a picture to post here.

Facial shots and cum shots is not what we're looking for.
No child porn or simulated rape.
BDSM and Fetish pictures are encouraged.
This is more of a erotic art community then just straight porn.
We want to see beautiful bodies and good photography.
You don't have to be perfect to post pictures of yourself just be artistic is all we ask.
Beauty comes in all shapes, colors and sizes.
It's all how you present it.

For instructions on how to use the lj cut tag click here.

This is a community for ADULTS ONLY!!
Please for the community do not join if you are underage.
We can be shut down and that would not be fair to the adult members.
I can tell you a story on the subject in fact...
I once ran a community and it was very popular and we had a lot of fun with it....until...
It got shut down!!

So don't be an ass! Do the right thing and wait until your older to join a community like this.
If you do join and I find out...I'll hunt you down and pull your hair.

If you want to join you have to verify your date of birth with me either by listing it on your user info page or if your not comfortable doing that then write me an email and we can figure something else out.

my email address is ibdreamy@livejournal.com

To Join Now..Click Here!

I didn't make this a closed community because it'd be to much work for me and too many emails so for now we'll see how this goes.

Thanx to all previous members of our lj shaved.
It was fun and I'm sad it was closed but hopefully we can do something cool here.

That's about it.


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