Barbara Dearaujo (ibdreamy) wrote in trashyinsomnia,
Barbara Dearaujo

Wake up Trashyinsomnia!

God it's been forever since I updated here. I had a little drama with this community awhile back with LJabuse. Seems someone took the community over and changed the title and the layout but I had no proof so LJ did nothing and so yeah that was weird.
I've been pretty busy lately with my website and my icon community dreamyicons so I've totally neglected this community and it's died pretty much.
Which sucks because I think it could be damn cool with a little promotion or something.
The theme of this community as a reminder to those who have forgotten was erotic, exotic without the cum shots and obnoxious beat off pictures we all love to laugh at.
I wanted something with taste and class.
Nudity as art not just cum material.
So if you have pictures of yourself or your lover that you think are beautiful post them here!
Just remember to post them behind a cut tag and mark them friends only.
I'll post some pictures I have soon..not of me because I don't have a cam right now it's in the hawk shop due to unforeseen problems but if anyone wants to donate to help me get it out.
You can..:( *bats eyes*
I owe 60 bucks on it. It's worth over $400 it's a digital camera with 4 pixel something or other. Haha!
Takes beautiful pictures. Too bad I can't take any to show y'all.
Oh I could even take some of me and my boyfriend..that would be so fun!!
Anyways..Let's get this community up and running again! It's summer time and I'm sure we all have the opportunity to take some amazing shots outside!
Or even erotic stories would be great!
Post and comment about something sexy why dontcha?

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